Life @ Layam Group

There’s more to life than work. We’ve all heard it, and many of us want to experience it. But not enough companies live by it. Layam Group makes it reality.

Our lives inside the office are productive, effective, and motivated, simultaneously our lives outside the office are respected, protected and encouraged. From informal lunches to parking deck parties and from afternoons at the ballpark to team volunteer projects, we nurture and maintain a culture that promotes both successful work and enjoyable play.

A Culture for Success

A key factor in our success is our culture. Our ways of life define what we are. We’re the antidote to business as usual in the recruiting industry, and we passionately believe that a job needn’t be drudgery to be fulfilling and financially successful.

We also understand that candor, in the context of executive recruiting consulting, will ultimately yield superior long-term results. Many of us have actually turned down a client contract or discouraged a candidate from accepting a less-than-ideal placement. We have been compelled to act in their best interests. Sometimes we lose a fee. But, more often, we strengthen a long-term relationship.

We defined ourselves to be collegial, collaborative and committed professionals doing the right thing for each of our clients and candidates. We are passionate about high performance. And we have always an eye out for new colleagues who share our vision of company and personal success.

We are where you need to be.

Our Belief in Balance

Please read about the profiles of our associates and you’ll quickly see that the interests and activities our recruiters engage in outside of the office are wonderfully varied.

From gardening to motorcycles and novels, Layam Group believes that in order to perform your best inside the office, you need the time and space to explore the things that bring you joy and satisfaction outside of the office as well.

Whether it’s coaching your child’s soccer team, playing harmonica in a country band or volunteering at your local soup kitchen, you will have the freedom to enjoy your life in all aspects. When you join the team at Layam Group, you join a collection of interests and a wide variety of talents…supported and encouraged by those around you.

Beyond the Desk Heading

At its roots, executive recruiting is a service completed on behalf of another. The same internal drive that pushes us to serve our clients and candidates with thoughtfulness and excellence also encourages us to serve our communities with the equal respect and dedication.

Since its inception, Layam Group associates have committed themselves, their time and their talents to organizations and activities that benefit others. From NGOs and alumni groups to religious communities and disaster-relief organizations, Layam Group and its associates believe in helping others step up and step out. Our community service has been significant in learning about and delivering welfare.

As a company, we support these endeavors and encourage our associates to engage with and remain active in the organizations that matter most to them.

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