Financial Services

Layam Financial Services

Layam Financial Services has a strong partnership oriented culture and truly believes in working closely with entrepreneurs, corporations, asset owners and service providers to achieve mutual success.

We look to invest in businesses and opportunities that have a strong nexus to the Indian sub-continent.

Our Our Services

1. Virtual CFO Services
  • Financial budget and KPIs for the business
  • Management reporting system to deliver to the directors
  • Monthly financials compared against the budget
  • Analysis of financial results
  • Forecasts of targets for the remainder of the year
  • Understanding of KPIs driving the business’ performance
  • Strategic advice and recommendations, including:
  • Business performance and issues
  • Operational advice
  • Sales and marketing advice
  • Systems and technology advice
  • Human resource and staff advice
  • Review of financials and training for the business’ accountant
  • Implement reporting within the business.
2. Finance Advisory
  • Creating/ putting in place in-house finance teams- size
  • Evolving and fine-tuning systems, procedures and reviews to address the aforementioned and other similar/ related case specific issues/ aspects
  • Implementing and overseeing the functioning of the same over a defined period of time.
3. Debt Funding Advisory
  • This is designed to assist clients in analyzing their current debt capacity & head-room, determining appropriate Balance Sheet structure and identifying & implementing innovative Financing options matching their financial strategy.
4. Business Process Workflows
  • Business Process Workflows- an initiative in which we act as the link between your business team and the backend technology platform in ensuring that process and procedural initiatives meet the business objectives while ensuring requisite controls, risk management and corporate governance.
5. Business Appraisal
  • Business Appraisal services includes reviewing the past performance of the business; studying the industry dynamics and operating environment and its impact on the performance of the business; validating detailed projections prepared by the management, based on historical trends, future plans and industry dynamics; arriving at the key valuation drivers for the business; determining a value range for the business, giving due consideration to both qualitative and quantitative factors, using appropriate valuation methodologies.
6. Other Services
  • Creation of financial model
  • Tax structures & Planning
  • Review of statutory compliances and guidance on course correction, if required
  • ERP Evaluation

Our Core Values

Our clients and candidates are the basis of our existence. Everything we do is to help our clients find the right talent, the candidates who realize their career aspirations. Our success is when both of them be their best.

Mere satisfaction is insufficient. The thrust of our every interaction is to lead people receive what they may not have expected or thought of. This demands us putting our clients’ and candidates’ interests ahead of our own. Truly understanding their ultimate objectives and exceeding our level of commitment are our privilege.

Ethics, integrity and trust are Layam Group’s way of executing. Without these traits, we cannot succeed. Confidentiality is the scared foundation for recruiting and hiring and we prioritize this principle in everything we do.

We are governed by professional habits in recruiting and placing executive talents. We exude professionalism in every aspect of our organization, from how we answer the phone to our follow-up communications long after the placement.

To whom much is given; much is expected. The merits of each individual are reflected in his/her contribution to our own organization. Performance is then our measuring stick. As it has been nurtured in our first core value, how we treat our clients and candidates and what we achieve for them are the true measure of our performance.

Shaping a dynamic and a highly collaborative environment is the real value of diversity. This positive vibration is exhibited by so many skilled recruiters from so many varied backgrounds. Due to this niche, we are able to provide our clients and candidates with a rich and an intelligent consultative approach.

None is too old to learn anything. We hire and mold the very best in the industry. Our careful cultivation and rigorous training emulate a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace. Everyone follows this ongoing learning unceasingly.

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